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Technology Buyer Insight Study: How Executives Differentiate Among Their Suppliers

How You Sell Is As Important As What You Sell

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    Executive decision-makers find that the technology vendors that best differentiate themselves from the pack are the ones that can match a relevant set of capabilities to their specific circumstances. For most technology vendors, the sales support responsibilities are widely dispersed across different business units and functional groups, resulting in a tremendous amount of content and resources, very little of which is built to be tailored to specific client situations. Sales enablement professionals can help improve their business' competitive differentiation by shifting the focal point of sales content and training from their products and services to the realities that customers face and connecting those realities with specific examples of how they can help.
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    • Executives Sort Vendors Based On Potential Outcomes, Not Capabilities
    • Qualitative Feedback Sheds Light On The Story
    • Analysis: How You Sell Is As Important As What You Sell

      Implications to Vendor Sales Strategies
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