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Ted Nelson

CEO and Co-Founder

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    Ted Nelson is a very hands-on CEO and one of four founding partners who conceived and launched Mechanica. His responsibilities include contributing to the building and management of a next-generation business model and organization, as well as general strategic oversight across Mechanica’s clients and businesses. Prior to launching Mechanica, Ted spent eight years as the Managing Partner/Brand Strategy Director at Mullen, the nation’s 19th-largest integrated communications firm. Ted’s specific responsibilities at Mullen included building and managing an award-winning brand strategy and customer analytics group, which contributed to the brand development and customer acquisition and retention strategies of brands as varied as General Motors, Disney, Sony, Coca-Cola, Nextel, Lending Tree, Oxygen Media, Monster.com, and Genuity.

    Prior to joining Mullen, Ted honed his skills while working at Chiat/Day on both coasts, with strategic responsibilities for a diverse set of clients including Reebok, Intel, Dell, Coca-Cola, and Nynex. Following Chiat/Day, he launched the brand strategy discipline within Anderson & Lembke, then the world’s largest business-to-business specialist agency with offices in Europe, the US, and Asia. Ted is a five-time Effie award recipient for communications effectiveness. He served for a number of years on the national brand planning board and was awarded an Epic award honoring culture changers. As a regular speaker at business and brand development conferences, Ted focuses on the impact that converging forces are having on the strategy development and implementation process, specifically spanning the gap between inspiration and implementation. Recent speaking engagements include the Council on Corporate Brand Management, Atlanta’s Marketing Roundtable, and an International Symposium on Creativity and Business held in Changchun, China. Ted most recently led Mechanica’s Branding Forward Project collaboration with Fast Company. This project focused on mapping the dramatic changes impacting marketing and brand development today, with the goal of sharing knowledge and capitalizing on opportunities.