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The 10 Dimensions Of Business Agility

Enabling Bottom-Up Decisions In A World Of Rapid Change

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    Change is accelerating. Only the agile company can survive. But what constitutes agility in the modern era? An agile enterprise embraces change as a matter of routine, whether that change is driven by market trends or is internal and operational; it reacts more quickly to both threats and opportunities. Agile companies enable decisions to be made quickly at lower levels in the organization; leaders concentrate on building this culture over day-to-day decision-making. This report examines the three types of agility that companies must develop — market, organizational, and process agility — and evaluates 10 separate dimensions that make them up. Examining both awareness and execution on these dimensions reveals which companies are best suited to succeed in a fast-changing environment. We complete our analysis by examining which elements of agility leaders think are most important and why companies do poorly on many of these dimensions.
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    • Business Agility Will Increasingly Drive Performance
    • What Is Agility And Why Does It Matter?
    • Exploring The 10 Dimensions Of Business Agility
    • Analyzing Agility Gaps

      CEOs Will Undergo A Major Shift In Leadership Approach

      Embrace A Comprehensive View Of Business Agility
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