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The Age Of Style In Consumer PCs

Visual Design Takes Center Stage In 2007, Explodes By 2012

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    The consumer PC industry is entering the Age of Style, a time in which radical form factor innovations, increased aesthetic diversity, and consumer choice and personalization will determine which models, and which PC vendors, win or lose. Although style hasn't yet become as important for PCs as for products like automobiles, consumers exhibit a latent demand for stylish PCs and are willing to pay a style premium. The growing importance of style will alter the competitive landscape along the axes of branding, consumer segmentation, product development, and multi-PC households. Strategists at PC vendors that don't have a design strategy now are already behind the eight ball. By 2012, innovations in design will yield multiple new product categories and form factors tailored to specific applications and rooms in consumers' households.
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    • The Consumer PC Industry Is Entering The Age Of Style
    • Five Ways Style Will Alter The PC Landscape
    • Style Becomes A Strategic Pillar For PC Vendors
    • Winners Will Wed Customer Needs To Design Expertise
    • PC Strategists Who Employ Needs-Based Design Innovation Will Win

      PC Strategists: To Succeed, Make Style A Strategic Priority
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