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The BSM Success Of ASG

SWOT Analysis: Allen Systems Group, Q2 2008

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    A year ago, Allen Systems Group (ASG) introduced Business Service Platform (BSP), a business service management (BSM) solution featuring a configuration management database (CMDB) and an integration bus, Unified Management Architecture (UMA). Today, ASG's efforts are starting to bear fruit, as shown by a high sales conversion rate and a very strong sales pipeline. ASG has lost no time in applying what it has learned during the past year: A revamped sales organization, a reinforcement of its capabilities in South America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific, and strategic alliances have reinforced ASG's execution ability. Field experience has helped shape the BSP solutions and resulted in predefined solutions aligned with industry verticals and price points compatible with midsize and large enterprises. As a challenger to the four major BSM vendors, ASG needs to be more flexible and agile than its competition: This first year has shown it has the ability to do so.
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