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The Building Blocks For Social Success In eBusiness – A Social Computing Report

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    As consumers become more comfortable integrating social tools into their everyday lives, eBusiness leaders seek the right social strategy to achieve their goals. While the benefits of social media participation to brand building and engagement are obvious, eBusiness leaders have rightfully been skeptical of how social tools and applications can help them achieve their sales and service goals. On the other hand, overwhelming consumer and business adoption compels eBusiness leaders to ask not if, but when and how to engage in these activities. Many companies are piloting or making headway with social eBusiness efforts, from a Facebook fan page to implementing customer reviews on their sites. Execution ranges from one-off efforts to coordinated, cross-company councils. To be successful, all eBusiness executives must approach social media with a thoughtful strategy that includes sales measurements.
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    • Social Media And eBusiness: Touchpoints Abound Amid Strategy Uncertainty
    • Social Efforts Range From Experimentation To Coordinated, Holistic Initiatives
    • Getting Your eBusiness Social Strategy Started

      Regardless Of Your Maturity Or Social Involvement, All Firms Need Metrics
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