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The Business Architect Cometh

Embrace This New Role To Drive Business Technology Transformation

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    You may have heard the term "business architect" in your travels; if you haven't, you soon will. This emerging role will be vital in leading business transformation, including your own improvements in solutions delivery. Recognize and support your organization's business architect and you'll win a powerful ally; resist and you risk being left out of decisions that drive the future of your organization. Target the role as your career path and you'll have a chance to become your organization's most important business technology leader.
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    • The Business Architect: A Crucial Leader With An Uncertain Charter
    • A European Government Agency Illustrates The Need For Business Architects
    • Even When The Need Is Great, Firms Struggle To Define The BA Role
    • A Third Way: Chartering The Business Architecture Executive

      Embrace The New Leader of Your Business Transformation

      The Business Architect Is The Future Of BT Leadership
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