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The Business Impact Of Customer Experience, 2013

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    Years of Forrester data confirm the strong relationship between the quality of a firm's customer experience (CX) and loyalty. We built three simple models to estimate the impact customer experience has on three loyalty measures: willingness to consider the company for another purchase, likelihood to switch business, and likelihood to recommend. This year, we made a significant update to our assumptions to reflect the fact that a few large players dominate most industries in our study, and we therefore show the impact on those dominant players. CX professionals should use the interactive version of the models provided in the report to discover a range of benefit scenarios tailored to their company's unique situation, which will help prove their business case and drive transformation into an experience-driven organization.
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    • Customer Experience Strongly Correlates To Loyalty
    • Better Customer Experience Can Be Worth Millions In Annual Revenue

      Build Your Own Models To Prove Customer Experience Is Big Business
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