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    This report outlines Forrester's solution to help IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders understand the business and IT impact of service management and automation (SMA). Building the business case and securing funding for SMA is critical because your business cares about outcomes, not technologies. And it is not enough to empower your developers and workers with the latest cloud, mobile, and analytics technologies — you must also invest in SMA to fully realize the benefits from these new technologies or delivery models. At a high level, SMA done right will improve staff productivity, increase the quality of services, reduce operational costs, and improve the overall IT organization's reputation with the business. This report helps I&O leaders tasked with planning their organization's SMA program articulate the business case to secure and sustain funding.
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    • Understanding The General Benefits Of Service Management And Automation
    • The Benefits Of Common And Up-And-Coming Service Management Processes
    • The Benefits Of Automation
    • Combining Service Management And Automation Amplifies Benefits

      Assess Your Current And Future State To Prioritize Investment In SMA
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