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    The IT services market is changing fast. Technological advances, the rising integration of business and technology, a corporate focus on core competencies, and the maturation of the IT vendor management role are all contributing to rapid change and growth in this market. Given the need to meet cost, time-to-market, and innovation objectives, companies realize that they must assemble and integrate services and solutions from best-in-breed suppliers rather than try to build these services, components, or new revenue opportunities on their own. To acquire the right services at the right prices, companies must have deep knowledge of the IT services marketplace and understand its future direction. This report explores major trends in the application and infrastructure services marketplace and will help companies make more informed decisions about their service supplier ecosystems.
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    • The Buyers And The Market Evolve Together
    • Vendor Landscape Trends
    • Implications For Sourcing And Vendor Management

      Becoming An IT Services Market Expert Is Critical

      The SVM Function Has Never Been As Critical As It Is Today
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