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The Coming Upheaval In Tech Services

Four Economic And Technology Factors Will Combine To Recast The Business

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    The tech services market is about to undergo a massive transformation that will call traditional provider business models into question. Four factors will combine to dramatically change the dynamics, economics, and competitive landscape of IT services over the next three to four years: 1) the "restructuring economy"; 2) innovation moving to the edge of the enterprise; 3) the redefining of buying and governance dynamics in accounts; and 4) "as-a-service" becoming the norm. This is the first in a series of reports that detail the success imperatives for tech services vendor strategists. The five initial success imperatives include: a ruthless continuing focus on process excellence and efficiencies; portfolio management with a product marketing and proactive solution packaging mindset; a sales strategy that builds and rewards a new type of client relationship; a culture and processes that drive success across client and partner ecosystems; and a management vision and thought leadership underpinned by strong governance.

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    • Diverse Forces Align To Change The Face Of IT Services
    • New Offerings And Models Will Eclipse Traditional Services
    • Strategists Need To Change Processes, Governance, Organization, And Culture

      The New Services Landscape Has Broad Implications
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