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The Convenience Quotient Of Green Commuting – A Convenience Quotient Report

Lessons For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

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    See many hybrid vehicles while driving to work? No? These cars have been sold for more than 10 years, yet adoption is still low. Using our Convenience Quotient methodology, we looked at the concept of "green" commuting and found that the reason more metropolitan commuters aren't zipping around in fuel-efficient cars is because they have many other green commuting options available to them, and those options offer more convenience. While our analysis offers insights to product strategy professionals in the automobile manufacturing industry, we take the CQ method one step further here: We've discovered macro-level horizontal conclusions that consumer product strategy professionals in all industries can use to improve the convenience of their products.
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    • Convenience Analysis Reveals Why Hybrid Cars Haven't Become The Norm
    • The Barriers To Hybrid Vehicle Adoption Remain Too High

      Employ Macro-Level Thinking To Improve The Convenience Of Any Product
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