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The Convenience Quotient Of Portable Computing

How Do Different Consumer Devices Stack Up For "Computing" Tasks?

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    We're finally seeing consumers embrace computing on the go — whether it's experimentation with Net access and application downloads on the iPhone or trying out inexpensive netbooks, the past 18 months have seen an explosion in activity and functionality. As is always the case with new consumer product opportunities though, mistakes have been and will continue to be made; a Convenience Quotient analysis of portable computing platforms shows how the various feasible options stack up. Tellingly, laptops still just squeeze out the competition overall, but smartphones and the next generation of netbooks threatened to steal the crown — particularly when focusing on specific consumer scenarios like high mobility or engagement with social media.
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    • Plotting The Future Course Of On-The-Go Consumer Computing
    • Assessing Current And Future Device Platforms
    • The Next Level Of Analysis: Weighting For Consumer Scenarios

      Portable Computing: Opportunity For All With The Right Value Proposition

      Apple Could Steal The "Portable Computing" Crown
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