The Data Security And Privacy Playbook For 2015

Protect Your Intellectual Property And Customer Data From Theft And Abuse

Data is the lifeblood of today's digital businesses, but for economic and even political gain, highly skilled cybercriminals and malicious insiders are determined to steal it. Meanwhile, customers around the globe have become highly sensitive to how organizations track, use, and store their personal data. As your firm seeks to mine expansive data sets for valuable business insights, it's becoming a Herculean task to protect this sensitive data and prevent privacy infringements. To make matters worse, ... Continue reading the Executive Overview


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Data Security And Privacy

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, tools, and objective insight. This Playbook helps you protect your company's digital assets by identifying and deploying the right security processes, technologies, and services. Watch the video.

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Protect your digital assets.

With mobile, social, and other technologies changing how your employees work and how your company does business, building adaptive technology solutions has never been more challenging for IT leaders. Learn how Forrester Consulting can help.