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The Digitization Of The In-Store Experience

Mobile Devices And Interactive Displays Are Redefining The In-Store Experience For Sales Associates And Customers Alike

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    Retailers are ditching the term multichannel. Instead, in the era of agile commerce, they talk about delivering a "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere" experience to their customers. In pursuit of this vision, eBusiness leaders' and their peers' in-store operations are embarking on an aligned journey to digitize the in-store experience by empowering customers and sales associates alike with best-in-class mobile and interactive technologies. The business case for this investment is twofold: First to prevent the loss of in-store sales, and second to create an endless aisle where stores can capture sales for items beyond those on the shelf. This report will help eBusiness professionals identify best-of-breed in-store digital experiences and the technology behind them, as well as understand their role in building out these experiences.
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    • The Retail Experience Is Poised For Digital Transformation
    • Retailers Embark On Storewide Mobile And Tablet Rollouts
    • The eBusiness Team Will Be Instrumental In The In-Store Digital Journey

      Establish A Disciplined Approach To Assess Flashy New Technologies
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