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The Disruptor's Handbook

How To Innovate Your Products Before Someone Else Does

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    Digital disruption is about to tear down and rebuild every product in every industry. Thanks to digital platforms, your customers live in a world of heightened expectations and abundant options; they can get more of what they want, in more places, at more times, than ever before. Seizing this opportunity, digital disruptors threaten to make you irrelevant by delivering a more compelling product and service experience than you can and at a lower cost, often without even knowing that they're upending you. To beat them, you must join them. Digital disruption is now set to turn its destructive force on even nondigital products and services, inserting new competitors, revamping old economics, and establishing new customer relationships along the way. We reveal the secrets to digital disruption and show how all product strategists need to steal more than a few pages from the disruptor's handbook in order to survive through the rest of this decade.

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