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The Emergence Of Beacons In Retail

Early Implementations Lack Depth, But Future Integrations Have The Potential To Transform The In-Store Customer Experience

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    It is impossible to read retail news today without hearing about another implementation of beacons, a technology based on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) that allows smartphones to interact with sensors embedded within physical locations. For consumers, beacon technology allows for enhanced experiences that are contextual based on location. For retailers, beacons unlock additional customer insight and targeting capabilities that drive both revenue and improved service. However, surrounding the hype is a lack of clarity on consumer benefits, the business case, and the work needed to deploy and maintain a beacon platform in-store. This report aims to provide eBusiness leaders with an understanding of beacon technology and how beacon-based location services within brick-and-mortar stores will transform the customer experience.
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    • Leverage Beacon Technology To Enhance Engagement And Service
    • Implement Beacon Solutions That Go Beyond Push Notifications
    • Deploying And Operating Beacons Requires Some Heavy Lifting
    • Beacon Deployments Are Early Stage But Increasing Rapidly

      Beacons Are Transforming The In-Store Experience
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