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The Emergence Of Customer Experience Management Solutions

How CXM Will Help eBusiness Leaders Drive Interactions Across Touchpoints

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    A new type of solution is emerging on the commerce technology landscape that promises to help eBusiness leaders drive customer targeting, content relevancy, and personalization on their sites and across digitally enabled consumer touchpoints. Vendors from a diverse set of solution categories — from eCommerce platforms to content management, site search, and personalization — are expanding their capabilities to support the management and optimization of cross-touchpoint customer experiences. These customer experience management (CXM) solutions aim to support these personalized experiences across digital experiences such as websites and mobile sites, as well as mobile and tablet apps. The solutions will also support digitally enabled touchpoints such as contact centers and stores or branches or check-in desks. In the era of agile commerce, more eBusiness leaders will look to take advantage of CXM solutions to drive optimized experiences and increase sales. However, many of these solutions remain nascent and eBusiness leaders should proceed with a pragmatic view of the value of CXM solutions in the near term.
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