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The Enterprise Wearables Journey

How Wearable Computing Will Improve Your Business

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    There's no doubt about it: The wearables market is suffering from a hype bubble. But consider that the Internet itself suffered from a hype bubble circa 1999, and yet the Internet turned out to be just as important as people had imagined — after a decade of growth, at least. Similarly, wearable devices — and the apps, software, and services that make those wearables truly valuable — will change the way workers do their jobs and how consumers manage their lives. Enterprises need to start putting together a road map for thinking about how wearables can improve their businesses over the next few years. In other words, they need to embark now on the early stages of the enterprise wearables journey.
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    • The Stage Is Set For Enterprise Wearables
    • Wearables Will Empower Both Physical And Virtual Work Scenarios
    • Adoption Of Wearables Will Happen Over A Decade

      Re-engineer Business Processes With Wearable Technology

      Enterprise Wearables Will Be A Bigger Market Than Consumer
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