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The Evolution Of Cloud Computing Markets

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    Looking past the current industry hype surrounding all things cloud, Forrester believes that cloud computing is a sustainable, long-term IT paradigm, and the successor to previous mainframe, client/server, and network computing eras. Underpinned by both technology and economic disruptions, the cloud will fundamentally change the way technology providers engage with business customers and individual users. But, at the moment, most customers are suffering from cloud confusion as vendor marketing stretches the term "cloud" across a wide variety of capabilities and, worse, fails to explain the potentials and the limitations of cloud computing in a well-structured way. Forrester's taxonomy of cloud computing markets provides vendors and customers with clear definitions and labels for cloud capabilities. With this taxonomy in hand, vendor strategists can position their offerings in the overall cloud market and better articulate their business value propositions to customers.
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    • Cloud Computing Causes A Macro-Shift Of Tech Industry Markets
    • Business And Technology Interplay Gives Rise To Cloud Computing
    • Structuring The Cloud Market
    • Three Implications Of A Cloud Computing Market Segmentation
    • The ICT Industry In The Cloud Era

      Cloud Computing Will Stimulate A Major Shift Of The IT Ecosystem
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      Forrester's Tech Industry Market Overview