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The Evolution Of Enterprise Carbon And Energy Management Software

Spending On Enterprise Carbon And Energy Management Solutions Will Approach $1 Billion By 2013

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    A new market of dedicated solutions that allow companies to manage their sustainability strategy is ripe to be tackled by software vendors and service providers. Forrester segments this emerging market of carbon and energy management software into three layers, with enterprise carbon and energy management (ECEM) systems placed at the top of the organization, aggregating carbon and energy information from various sources. This software helps company leaders understand the new complexity that sustainability represents and facilitates their journey toward more sustainable business. The ECEM market is the most crowded segment with players coming from multiple directions. While companies are still selective about ECEM implementation, we are foreseeing a period of hypergrowth over the coming years fueled by both increasing first-time adoption and the expansion from selective to corporatewide implementations. While the future seems bright, ECEM vendors must continue innovation to progress through the three evolutionary stages (analysis and report, governance and act, anticipation and alignment) of how enterprises will use and ultimately come to depend on ECEM software.

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    • The ICT Industry Context For Carbon And Energy Management Software
    • Mapping The Diverse Carbon And Energy Management Software Market
    • Identifying The Three Stages Of ECEM Software Market Evolution

      Vendors: Position Now For Future Success
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