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The Evolution Of Global eCommerce Markets

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    Global eCommerce is evolving rapidly. Consumers around the globe are migrating online, with shopping increasingly becoming a key part of the online experience. Countries vary greatly in their eCommerce maturity; however, early-stage markets are marked by a different set of activities than those with more tenured online buying populations. How do activities differ? A typical new online user will engage with social networking sites relatively early on in his or her online tenure and then dabble in eCommerce by making a travel purchase online. Only later will users typically start to purchase physical goods online, with first-time purchases often being readily comparable products such as consumer electronics or books and media. This report outlines how eCommerce markets are shifting over time and what companies can expect as they prepare to enter and then grow a variety of different global markets. This is an update of a previously published report; Forrester reviews and updates it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy; we revised this edition to factor in new data.
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    • eCommerce Continues To Charge Ahead In Every Global Market
    • eCommerce Markets Evolve In Four Phases
    • Online Retailer Offerings Also Vary Greatly By Phase
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