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The Future Of Data Security: A Zero Trust Approach

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    Data is the lifeblood of today's digital businesses, and protecting it from theft, misuse, and abuse is the No. 1 responsibility of every S&R leader. Hacked customer data can erase millions in profits within weeks, stolen intellectual property can erase competitive advantage in less than a year, and unnecessary privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny and fines from regulators while inflicting reputational damage that can last months, even years. Achieving a certain level of data security and protecting customer privacy is no easy feat. Almost every enterprise, from an online retailer to a hospital to a government agency, rarely works in isolation and can rarely confine data to within the four walls of the organization. The walls don't exist. They must work in a complex ecosystem of powerful customers increasingly concerned about their privacy, digitally native employees, and potentially hundreds of demanding partners and suppliers — all perpetually connected by new systems of engagement and cloud services. In this new reality, traditional perimeter-based approaches to security are insufficient. S&R pros must take a data-centric approach that ensures security travels with the data regardless of user population, location, or even hosting model.
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