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The Future Of Solution Architecture, Part 1: Business Processes Within A Capability

Processes Provide Structure; BPM And Other Technologies Enable Rich, Ongoing Process Optimization

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    Your organization's business processes cut across application boundaries, but traditional architectures reinforce these boundaries. In contrast with 20th-century solution models, which center on siloed, hard-walled applications and technologies, 21st-century application architectures should unify across silos, centering on the design of your business. Forrester created Business Capability Architecture (BCA), together with its six business design focal points, to guide your delivery of business-centered solutions that can provide continuous business optimization now and ongoing transformation over the long haul. This report describes the intent, design, and implementation of the business process design focal point of Forrester's Business Capability Architecture.
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    • The Future Of Solution Architecture: Six Business Design Focal Points
    • Processes Provide Longitudinal Structure For A Business Capability
    • How To Use Business Capability Architecture's Process Design Focal Point

      Evolve The Business Process Design Focal Point Within Your Capabilities
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