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The Global eCommerce Adoption Cycle

An Analysis Of eCommerce Evolution In 18 Markets Around The Globe

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    It took many years for eCommerce to first gain traction among online users. Early Internet users failed to shop extensively online: The number of online stores was limited, consumers didn't feel comfortable providing personal financial information online, and Internet access technology remained slow. Users coming online today, however, face a very different eCommerce environment. The supply side is well developed in most major markets, broadband access technology is widespread, and security concerns have waned. How have these developments affected online shopping markets around the globe? Are Internet markets with newer online users following a very different eCommerce adoption path from Internet markets with early adopters? This report will analyze 18 markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America and look at how they compare from an online maturity and buying perspective.
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    • eCommerce Is Emerging As A Force Around The Globe

      Expectations Of Rapid eCommerce Development Need To Be Tempered
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