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The IT Consolidation Imperative: Out Of Space, Out Of Power, Out Of Money

How To Get Started With IT Consolidation Before It's Too Late

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    Nearly every large enterprise IT shop is struggling to accommodate growing business demands within their existing budgets and infrastructure. This requires IT consolidation. But where do you start? And how do you know when you are close to crisis? Forrester spoke with executives at leading enterprises that have successfully navigated these waters. To begin, IT must collect an accurate inventory of all assets and their utilization and capacity. Once this has been completed, you should use the series of practical thresholds Forrester provides as guidance to prioritizing your consolidation. Business cases are crucial to justify any IT consolidation effort and require active participation by facilities, finance, the affected business units, and human resources if staff, office reductions, or relocations will be involved. Gains such as lower overall costs, greater operational efficiency, and improved flexibility and availability can be expected once completed. This report provides guidance on how to prioritize and get started with a successful IT consolidation — before it's too late.
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    • The Consolidation Imperative: You Can Reverse The Trend!
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      Consolidation By Default Will Beget Organic IT's Fruition
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