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The Intelligent Approach To Customer Intelligence

A Framework For Turning Customer Data Into Smart Business Strategy

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    Marketers who measure the impact of their Customer Intelligence (CI) say that it not only boosts campaign-specific metrics but also improves customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, as well as revenue, profitability, and customer value. Yet, the majority of firms still struggle to fully understand their customers and leverage their customer data as a strategic asset. Forrester identifies three levels of Customer Intelligence maturity, and at the highest level, the Customer Intelligence function has evolved into a strategic weapon. As firms evolve through the levels of maturity, we expect the next-generation CMO to come from the Customer Intelligence discipline. Today, Customer Intelligence executives enable organizations to successfully manage relationships with highly empowered customers who have a dwindling tolerance for marketing. Tomorrow, they will create Customer Intelligence command centers to drive corporate strategy and create competitive advantage.
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    • Marketers Struggle To Understand Their Customers
    • Advanced Firms Use Customer Intelligence For Competitive Advantage
    • The Building Blocks Of A Customer Intelligence Command Center

      The Next-Generation CMO Will Come From Customer Intelligence

      Use The "Building Blocks" As A Road Map To Success
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