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The Mobile Banking Imperative

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    This report gives eBusiness and channel strategy professionals at banks Forrester's vision for what the future of mobile banking will be and why it is crucial to develop a clear mobile strategy focused on customers' mobile moments. We outline a mobile banking future brimming with opportunities and risks. We envision the rise of smart wallets and personalized mobile banking features that predict customers' needs and expectations based on their context. This report, originally published in November 2012 and updated in January 2015, outlines Forrester's vision for how digital banking teams in developed economies can seize opportunities arising from engagement with customers and prospects through mobile touchpoints and outlines our SUPER framework for designing successful mobile banking experiences. This report is the vision phase of the mobile banking strategy playbook.
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    • Mobile Banking Is Not Just A Business Opportunity; It Is An Imperative
    • Mobile Will Be The Hub Of Your Relationship With Bank Customers
    • Executives Must Create SUPER Mobile Banking Experiences To Succeed

      Mobile Will Be A Catalyst For A Wider Transformation In Retail Banking
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