The Mobile Marketing Playbook For 2015

The Path To Mobile Marketing Mastery

Today, two-thirds of US online adults use a smartphone, and Forrester predicts this number will grow. Many marketers realize that more and more customers are mobile-dominant, but few recognize the bigger picture: the ballooning numbers of customers who have undergone what Forrester calls the mobile mind shift — the expectation that I can get whatever I want in my immediate context and moments of need. The mobile marketing playbook reveals just how mobile-minded consumers are today and lays ...

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Mobile Marketing

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, tools, and objective insights. This Playbook helps you assess your company’s current mobile maturity, build a case for improvements, craft your strategy, select partners, execute on plan, and measure your efforts against the competition. Watch the video.

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Perfect your approach.

With mobile, social, and other technologies shifting power directly to the consumer, setting a clear strategic course has never been more challenging for marketing leaders. Learn how Forrester Consulting can help.