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The Move To An Asset-Based Services Play

Asset-Based Services Have Become A Prerequisite For Success

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    New business success imperatives are pushing clients to change the way they leverage IT solutions. IT service providers will have to adapt to these new rules of engagement if they want to remain relevant to their clients in the long term. Forrester believes that the increased focus on business innovation will push service providers to invest more in the development of software assets that provide strong business value to multiple clients. This is the first report in a series that examines the evolution of these solution accelerators. We analyze why the move to these solution accelerators has been slow and describe the steps an increasing number of service vendors are taking in order to successfully grow their solution accelerator footprint. Vendor strategists will learn what it takes to implement the organization, governance models, processes, and tools to support this shift and what skill sets are needed to succeed in the asset-based services world.
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    • The IT Services World Is Changing To Business Innovation Imperatives
    • The Move To Solution Accelerators Has Been Slow To Date
    • Service Providers Are Rekindling Solution Accelerator Programs
    • Solution Accelerators Are One Manifestation Of A Broader Shift

      Service Providers Need To Change Their Culture
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