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The Multi-HDTV Household Opportunity – A Digital Home Report

Marketing To Every Room In The House Will Raise Sales

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    Most technology marketers spend a great deal of their time wooing the majority of US households that still don't own a high-definition TV (HDTV). This singular focus is a mistake: Selling second, third, and fourth HDTV sets to households that already own an HDTV should be an equally important focus. Households that own an HDTV today own only one, and they fill up the other rooms in their homes with at least two additional standard-definition TVs (SDTVs). High satisfaction with the overall HDTV experience, combined with the growth of HDTV-friendly Internet content, will prime HDTV households to replace the remaining SDTVs throughout their homes. Technology marketers must use new strategies in bundling, retail display, and visual design to make multi-HDTV household sales a reality for their companies.
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    • Don't Neglect HDTV-Owning Households
    • Multi-HDTV Households Are Primed To Multiply
    • HDTV Owners Are Sold On The Experience But Need More Customer Support

      Make Multi-HDTV Household Marketing A Top Priority
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