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The New Productivity Platforms: Your Solution To The AD&D Crunch

Promise And Pitfalls On The Road To Faster Application Delivery

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    For fast delivery of new business applications, conventional Java and .NET are often no longer the best choices. Instead, a generation of new productivity platforms holds the potential to speed initial application delivery and ongoing updates. These platforms abstract away platform configuration chores, repetitive coding tasks, and long testing and quality assurance (QA) cycles. Some allow application development and delivery (AD&D) teams to delegate application delivery — in part or in whole — to business experts. AD&D teams under pressure to deliver more with less should evaluate these platforms. This report outlines this emerging category's benefits and risks.
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    • New Productivity Platforms Are Arriving Just In Time
    • The New Productivity Platforms Speed Delivery
    • Chief New Productivity Platform Risk: Getting Stuck On Proprietary Tech
    • How To Position The New Productivity Platforms

      Raise Your Game With A New Productivity Platform
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