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The Next Act For Usage-Based Car Insurance

US Insurers Strive To Kindle Demand Among Tepid Buyers

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    Smart devices, smartphones, and smart cars are converging to create what should be a smart insurance choice for safe drivers and their insurers: usage-based insurance (UBI). The policy option is a win-win for the insured and the insurer: Customers pay lower premiums and improve their driving while insurers attract safer and lower-risk drivers. With such a great value proposition, it's not surprising that Americans are interested in usage-based coverage. What is surprising is how few US consumers have actually bought it. This report examines American consumer interest and adoption of usage-based car insurance and the obstacles to purchase, many of which point directly to insurance eBusiness failings.
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    • Americans Want Usage-Based Insurance; They're Just Not Buying It
    • Usage-Based Car Insurance Improves Insurer Profits And Retention
    • Usage-Based Insurance Sales Are Hampered By eBusiness Failures

      It's Time To Redesign Usage-Based Digital Sales Strategies
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