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The Opportunities And Challenges Of Mobile Research

Mobile Research Adds "Anytime, Anywhere" To The Research Mix

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    Mobile research is still limited in uptake, but it will gain momentum in the years to come as mobile Internet penetration grows. Its mobility and flexibility offer consumer market research professionals new ways of setting up research and gaining insight into consumers' behavior — anytime and anywhere. Current examples include location-based research, mobile ethnography, and mobile brand and advertising tracking. There are still some hurdles to overcome with regards to costs, technology, privacy, and representation, but in time, mobile research will drive research innovation. Market researchers should start experimenting with this new methodology sooner rather than later, especially when targeting hard-to-reach audiences like youth and ethnic minorities.
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    • Mobile Research Will Drive Future Research Innovation

      Mobile Research Will Drive Research Innovation

      Market Researchers Should Start Experimenting With Mobile Research Now
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