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The Past, Present, And Future Of Replication

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    Tape is not dead, and in fact, a large number of companies still rely heavily on tape for disaster recovery (DR). Tape is affordable and removable, but as the requirement to recover IT services after a disruption has moved from days to hours, backup and recovery from tape is unfortunately no longer good enough. Many companies still operate under the assumption that traditional DR strategies anchored by storage replication are out of their price range. However, there is a range of replication alternatives to storage replication that lower cost and are more bandwidth-efficient. In addition, with continued price declines, even storage replication is not necessarily out of reach for many companies. It's time for IT professionals to familiarize themselves with the range of replication alternatives and to revisit DR strategies.
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    • Replication Minimizes Data Loss And Improves Time-To-Recovery
    • How Do You Select And Evaluate Replication Options?
    • Market Taxonomy And Vendor Landscape
    • Market Trends

      Replication Is No Longer Out Of Your Price Range

      Mix And Match Replication Technologies With Criticality Of Applications
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