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The Process-Driven Business Of 2020

Why And How To Shift From Incremental Improvement To Transformation

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    Business executives expect the CIO to help continuously improve processes by implementing major software suites, developing new apps, or enhancing existing processes. Spurred by the great recession, CIOs have sharpened their focus on processes, as companies strive for greater efficiency, better operations, a more compelling customer experience, and transformed business models. CIOs must now standardize processes around the globe (no small task), create shared services, deploy business process management (BPM) suites to fill the gaps left by enterprise suites, and integrate collaboration and social with processes. This report describes why companies are becoming process-driven and how CIOs can play a pivotal and strategic role in helping the enterprise shift from isolated projects to a sustainable BPM program.
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    • Five Accelerators Will Shape The Business Process Landscape In 2020
    • Transformation Requires A Process-Driven Business
    • Process-Driven Businesses Need Big Process Thinking

      Embrace Big Process To Reach Your Transformation Vision Before 2020
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