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The Products That Lose When Tablets Win – A Digital Home Report

Cannibalization Will Accelerate With The Next Wave Of Tablet Buyers

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    Product strategists regard tablets with an anxious eye, pondering the extent to which tablets will cannibalize products like newspapers, magazines, laptops, netbooks, and TVs. Forrester's data reveals that cannibalization will unfold in different phases. The first generation of tablet owners is making tradeoffs with their time but not necessarily with their money. The next generation of tablet owners is enthusiastic about all kinds of gadgets, but their reality is constrained by lower incomes and stricter budgets. But there's a silver lining for product strategists, too: Tablet buyers show increased demand for home networking and cloud services, e-printing, and DLNA-supported devices that enable content sharing within the home.
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    • Product Strategists See Tablets As Both Friend And Foe
    • Current Tablet Owners Make Tradeoffs With Time, Not Money
    • Tablet Cannibalization Will Be Only One Contributor To Soft PC Sales
    • Context Shows Products' Vulnerability — And Strength — Versus Tablets
    • Tablets Also Introduce Opportunity For Complementary Product Growth

      Usage Cannibalization Will Lead To Sales Cannibalization For Some Products

      Align Your Product Strategy With Tablet Growth
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