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The ROI Of BPM Suites

A Total Economic Impact™ Analysis Uncovers Real Transformational Benefits

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    Companies waste millions of dollars each year on ineffective and inefficient business processes. Many companies attack this waste with process improvement exercises using approaches such as Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and total quality management (TQM). However, when automating, controlling, and reporting on mission-critical business processes, many of these same firms remain stuck using rigid packaged applications or expensive custom-developed solutions. Process analysis, automation, and transformation through business process management (BPM) suites increase collaboration across business and technical teams while providing the flexibility and adaptability needed to quickly change processes based on new competitive and economic threats and opportunities. Firms can realize a return on their investment in BPM suites within three years through impressive gains in business efficiency and worker productivity. This makes BPM suites a good investment in the face of challenging economic conditions and an increasingly competitive business environment.
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    • Firms Explore BPM Suites To Accelerate The Pace Of Transformation
    • Four Factors Determine The ROI Of BPM Suites
    • Flexibility Options: Increased Competitiveness And Process Orientation
    • Use Total Economic Impact To Calculate The ROI Of BPM Suites
    • Go All In With BPM Suites To Gain The Greatest Benefits

      Assess Your Company's Readiness To Reap The Rewards of BPM Suites
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    • Best Practice Assessments:

      BPM Suites Deliver Greater Adaptability And Flexibility Than The Alternatives

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      Model: Total Economic Impact Analysis Summary — BPM Suites (Most Likely Estimates)