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The ROI Of Mobile Banking

By-The-Numbers Business Case Is Lukewarm Today, But Advanced Functionality And Elusive Benefits Suggest Greater Returns Lie Ahead

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    Consumer adoption of mobile banking has accelerated over the past few years. In the US, the proportion of online adults who are mobile bankers has quadrupled from 4% in 2006 to 16% at the end of 2010. This growth has eBusiness leaders at financial institutions large and small racing to boost their presence in the mobile space. Yet few eBusiness teams have articulated a clear business case for selling to and supporting customers through the mobile channel. To help institutions calculate the potential ROI of their firms' mobile banking initiatives, Forrester developed a model based on the estimated costs and projected benefits of launching a full-service mobile banking offering. Our model shows an average ROI of 15.7% for a complete mobile banking service, including access through native applications and the mobile Web. While far from small, this is hardly a ringing endorsement of mobile as a significant profit center for banks. But multiple factors make it likely that the next few years will bring advances in mobile banking that could potentially boost the return from offering mobile services to bank customers.
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    • Everyone's Spending On Mobile, But Few Are Outlining Clear Business Cases
    • Outlining The ROI Of Mobile Banking Requires Understanding Costs And Benefits
    • While ROI Is Light Today, Future Benefits Will Strengthen The Business Case

      Use Multiple Scenarios And Inputs To Map Your ROI Of Mobile Banking
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