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The Rise Of The Green Enterprise: A Primer For IT Leadership's Involvement

IT Leadership Should Position IT As An Enabler Of The Green Enterprise

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    Information technology can be a critical enabler to what Forrester calls the "green enterprise" — an organization that actively reduces the environmental impact across its value chain activities to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase revenues to ultimately deliver shareholder value. A number of leading organizations are paving the way. For example, Nike's "Considered Index" desktop application empowers designers to make more eco-friendly decisions when designing shoes, and UPS's "package flow" software that eliminated left-hand turns from delivery routes saved $8.4 million in fuel costs and 32,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2007. To determine IT's role in the green enterprise, Forrester recommends that IT leadership get up to speed on what the green enterprise is and what its motivations are. From there, IT leadership can proactively approach the business with an action plan on how IT can be used to enable the green enterprise.
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    • Green Enterprises Have The Same Financial Goals As Any Other Corporation . . .
    • The Green Enterprise Is Here — Get Familiar With The New Landscape

      To Position IT As An Enabler Of The Green Enterprise, Get Educated

      Expect Involvement From Additional Roles To Enable The Green Enterprise
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