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The Business Digitization Voyage Evolves In Three Phases

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    Today, progressive firms are introducing video and other types of digital media like audio, podcasts, and digital pictures to improve business processes and collaboration. However, most firms are confused by what is needed. In response, digital media systems that support content creation, archiving, management, and distribution are emerging to support firms' forays into video and other digital media. Firms will adopt video and digital media over the next five years in three distinct phases as individuals, IT, and business return on investment (ROI) demands become clear. Digital media systems will become a key component for many business functions, ultimately becoming a systemic part of IT infrastructure. The vendor landscape will evolve accordingly, with digital media ecosystems and cloud offerings all competing for a slice of the enterprise digital media pie.
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    • Leading Firms Expand Video Use
    • Businesses Will Journey Through Three Phases
    • The Vendor Landscape Evolves Unevenly

      Enterprise Digital Media System Vendors Must Address Real Business Needs

      Digitized Media Supports — But Does Not Replace — Human Interaction
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