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The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective DevOps

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    Organizations have for years sought a means of more quickly delivering business value in the form of working software. Inspired by innovations in Agile software development and the application of the Lean principle of continuous improvement, development and operations have been chipping away at the obstacles that have prevented faster delivery. Joining together, the movement, called DevOps by some, has been gaining momentum and achieving impressive results. The walls between development, operations, and the business are coming down, ushering in a new age of collaboration that, in leading organizations, is already proving itself in delivering real business value faster and more frequently. This report is a comprehensive update to the original published report on September 3, 2013, and includes the current DevOps landscape and our most recent Business Technographics® survey data. This report presents the seven main principles of DevOps that have been proven by some of the most dominant technology innovators in the world.
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    • DevOps Means True Collaboration Of Dev And Ops
    • The Seven Habits To Develop For DevOps Success
    • DevOps Is Not Only Possible But Necessary In Both IT And BT

      Instant-On Built-To-Order Services Are The Future
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