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The Seven Qualities Of Wildly Desirable Software

To Deliver Extraordinary Software, Design To Balance These Seven Qualities

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    Great software applications seldom happen by accident: Wise design decisions are the key. Yet many application development teams only design for one, two, or three of these qualities, and others have strayed from design altogether as teams, distracted by shiny new technologies, methodologies, and platforms, fail to engage design principles and talent effectively. Is your business demanding more innovation? You must respond by rising above mediocrity to deliver great software, and to achieve this, you must balance your design to provide seven key qualities: user experience, availability, performance, scalability, adaptability, security, and economy. Boost your commitment to design and design for all seven qualities to create better software, faster.
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    • Extraordinary Software Is The Result Of Smart Design Decisions
    • Balance The Seven Qualities Of Wildly Desirable Software
    • Evaluate Your Design To Find The Right Balance

      Empower A Two-Person Team To Design For The Seven Qualities

      Process Is Bankrupt Without Design
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