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The Shifting Sands Of IT Compel A New Landscape For IT Automation Tools

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    Automation is critical to the efficient and consistent execution of nearly all businesses. Ironically, while IT is the organizational entity responsible for automating business execution, it remains woefully manual in its own internal execution. To attack this paradox, Forrester recommends aggressive expansion of IT automation, but it is crucial that any automation endeavor be approached with sound planning and phased introductions. Properly engineered technology and process must be understood, and cultural adoption will always be gradual. With the introduction of ITIL v3 and new automation technologies, a new imperative exists to put these technologies into the appropriate functional perspectives. The landscape has changed and will change again. Forrester introduces a new taxonomy to guide you through this amorphous landscape and to better ensure your success.
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    • New Requirements Mandate A New Automation Taxonomy
    • Build a Functional Automation Trinity
    • Beware The Limits Of Instrumentation
    • Pursue Instrumentation And Communication Standards For Simplicity

      Be Aggressive But Careful With Automation

      The New World Of Automation Is Altering Everything In IT
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