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The Six Most Meaningful Metrics To Prove And Improve App Dev's Business Value

Speak Your Business Partners' Language To Show And Grow Your Worth

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    The business/IT divide still exists in many organizations, and bridging that gap is difficult if you can't demonstrate the business value your teams deliver. It's past time to transition from old-fashioned "on time, on budget" metrics to measures that matter to your business' bottom line. Do you invest your scarce resources in work that delivers the most business value? Do you deliver high-quality solutions that boost business results in the form of increased revenue, new customers, or faster processing speed? Are your teams as fast, efficient, and effective as possible? Your business partners want to know. Answer them through a targeted set of business-value-driven metrics to show your partners what you're made of.
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    • Business Goals Should Drive What App Dev Measures
    • Answer Three Questions To Prove And Improve App Dev's Business Value
    • Question No. 1: Do We Invest Resources To Deliver The Most Business Value?
    • Question No. 2: Do We Deliver Quality Solutions That Boost Business Results?
    • Question No. 3: Are We As Fast, Efficient, And Effective As We Can Be?

      Target Your App Dev Metrics To What Matters Most To Your Business
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