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Build New Roles, Skills, And Structures For L2R Success

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    Lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) standardizes, automates, and scales the practices needed to engage with customers across their life cycle — from early prospect to loyal advocate. But early adopters have learned that L2RM is not just about giving an existing team some new tools to go about the business of lead generation and management. The scope of the change is high. Your marketing team will be stressed to define new processes, learn new technology, and rethink their role in the company. This report will give customer insights (CI) pros and lead-to-revenue marketers acumen on how to: organize the lead-to-revenue team, including new job titles, roles, and responsibilities; rapidly address a current marketing skills gap; and manage the important interfaces to other departments to ensure L2RM success. This is an update to the report "The Skills And Structures For L2R Success," originally published on February 6, 2013; it has been substantially revised to factor in new ideas and data as of September 2014.
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    • L2RM Creates Unanticipated Organizational Stress
    • Key Actions And Investments Can Ameliorate The Stress
    • L2RM Requires A Commitment To Collaboration — And Leadership

      Three Steps To Get Organized For L2RM Success
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