The Social Marketing Playbook For 2015

Master The Next Wave Of Social

For the marketing leader, social media offers both a huge opportunity and daunting challenge. You know you can reach and engage your customers on social channels, but the environment is foreign — it's highly personal, resource intensive, and hard to measure. The result: While most marketers now use social media, too few have found the keys to unlocking its potential. The social marketing playbook provides you with a strategic approach for building social media programs that deliver real business ...

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Social Marketing

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, tools, and objective insight. This Playbook helps you weave social throughout your brand ecosystem, build a business case for investment, select the right people and partners, execute tactics, and measure for improvement. Watch the video.

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Evolve your strategy.

With mobile, social, and other technologies shifting power directly to the consumer, setting a clear strategic course has never been more challenging for marketing leaders. Learn how Forrester Consulting can help.