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The Social Media Legal And Regulatory Landscape

Master Today's Vague Requirements And Prepare For More Regulation To Come

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    The rapid rise of social media throughout the business world has left organizations and regulators in all industries scrambling to play catch-up. Social media changes how we interact with fellow employees, develop business relationships with our customers, and build the company brand; it also creates a slew of new regulatory and compliance "gray" areas. Data protection and privacy, employee rights, disclosure and third-party endorsement — these are just a few of the legal and regulatory issues organizations face today. As regulators and case law begin to set precedents to guide appropriate responsibility and organizational oversight, further regulation and stiffer enforcement are on the way. This report provides a detailed look at how the current regulatory landscape applies to social media to help compliance and risk management professionals focus their efforts and prepare for an even more regulated future.
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    • Nascent And Nebulous, Social Media Complicates Laws And Regulations
    • Organizations Must Address Requirements In Five Common Categories

      Prepare For More Regulation And Actual Enforcement
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