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The Social Technographics® Of Business Buyers – A Social Computing Report

How Technology Buyers Engage With Social Media

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    Social media give a voice to buyers who can now describe their experience and disappointment to a global audience. And, wow, are they saying a lot. Forrester surveyed more than 1,200 business technology buyers and found that they exceed all previous benchmarks for social participation. B2B marketers, eager to know how social media fits into the marketing mix, can use the Social Technographics® Profiles of business decision-makers to design marketing programs that not only capitalize on emerging social behaviors but also fundamentally change the nature of the marketing relationship between B2B buyers and sellers.
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    • B2B Marketers Struggle To Set Social Strategy
    • Profiling Social Behavior Helps Fine-Tune Marketing Strategy

      Use Buyers' Participation To Set Social Strategy Now

      In B2B: Social Participation Models Morph Into Group Profiles
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