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The State Of Business Intelligence Software And Emerging Trends: 2010

BI Vendors Need To Stay On Top Of Technology Innovation And Business Evolution

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    While the whole IT market is facing challenging economic times, the global software market declined by 8% in 2009 compared with the previous year. Business intelligence (BI) software, which can provide the transparency and decision support to improve business performance and help companies through difficult times, did not share the same fate and actually showed solid double-digit growth, even in 2009. As the economic revival continues in 2010, BI will further fuel and stimulate the growth of the software market. However, the BI market is changing rapidly, and vendors need to understand and address emerging trends in two dimensions: technological innovation (including advanced analytics, such as predictive analytics and text analytics), and business evolution (the way the BI solutions are used). It is the combination of both that will differentiate successful BI vendors from their peers in the coming years.

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    • The Tech Industry Context For The BI Software Market
    • Business Intelligence Pulls Us Through The Recession
    • IT Megatrends Are Changing The BI Market

      BI Vendors Must Accelerate Technology Innovation And Business Evolution
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